Thursday, 27 September 2012


Hi there Greenhousers..

You might be wondering what has Greenhouse been up to lately...Well, we haven't been idling around! In fact we want to share with you just how happy we are about our last event! 


Greenhouse organised a cleanup last Friday in a joint effort with UWC Alumini at L-Ahrax Mellieha. Big Success! 

Click here  to see how the handful of ladies who turned up transformed l-Ahrax from this...

into this

In just a couple of hours!

In the end we all had a well-deserved meal and chilled out together

All in all, and evening well spent!

Next on the agenda is Freshers Week Monday 1st October - Friday 5th October at the University of Malta

We are all working really hard to give you a stand which is both interesting, informative and fun... expect a few surprises ;) 

Just a few hints : the themes for this year are human rights, animal rights, fair trade, the environment and conservation.......all with an innovative twist. Some merchandise (fair trade and handmade items) will be available on the stand. We will also be promoting two events during the week, joint efforts with Bahrija Oasis and Ramblers Malta.. Come to our stand for more information !

Also if anyone is kind enough to spend a couple of hours of their time manning the stand, the hours are 8am-5pm (however even one hour helps) - please contact us via facebook or email  as soon as possible.



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