Wednesday, 19 September 2012


For to conspire is to make secret plans to commit a harmful act but when conspiracy revealers start fixating on the subject and when hoaxes are extrapolated and stretched beyond imagination, that is surely uncanny and slightly paradoxical.

Admittedly, I am a person who has always sought for alternatives to the present solutions and, perhaps, by default, you find yourself wandering into the hippy world and then to the realm of alternative cultures and the ideas that these bring with it. Don’t get me wrong. They have a lot to offer and the movement is made up of true and genuine visionaries.

But sometimes you come across hard-liners. Perhaps most are people who have had enough of this society with its rules and want so badly to change the way things work. Some of them are so enthralled and overwhelmed by the atrocities and injustices we are surrounded by that they sometimes take one step too much in the ‘alternative’ direction.

For when you side with an Iranian President that hangs homosexual couples just because he’s a tough opponent to the American Government, take an obvious biased stance when analyzing organizations such as the UN, the EU and the US’ foreign policy and twists anything and everything if they are not in line with the ‘West is completely bad, opponents must be better’ philosophy, then I think that the blinkers are too opaque. For although the Western philosophy is flawed in so many aspects, in my opinion, I still think that there is good, controversial and the absolutely bad and some conspirers sometimes choose to ignore the former and the latter because they choose to get fixated on the controversial. 

by Malcolm Borg

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