Monday, 1 October 2012

How To ... Grow Your Own Courgettes

As part of our freshers stand set up we had our lovely Simone design and create seriously cute seed bags for you all to take home and grow..Each day we will put up info about the different seedlings which also include radish, carrot and lettuce.  Come and pick up your free seedbag at our stand! 

Aren't they the cutest?! :)

Meanwhile here's the know-how you need to grow tasty courgettes!

Courgettes are one of the easiest and most productive crops you can grow yourself. They are extremely fast - from sowing you can be eating your own within six weeks!!

What you'll need...
  •          Courgette seeds (from the Seed Bags ^.^)
  •          Multi-purpose compost
  •          Hand trowel
  •          Plastic pots
  •          Seed trays

Step 1. For early crops, sow in seeds trays on a windowsill. Sow one seed per cell into moist multi-purpose compost.

Step 2. Transplant you strongest seedlings into individual plastic pots
If you do not have soil area, change the pot to a bigger one and add compost.

Step 3. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot and if you have soil area dig a hole, adding a trowel of compost to the soil. Plant out your courgette plants 90cm apart. Place a layer of 5cm of compost to help the soil hold moisture.

Step 4. Keep your plants healthy by adding compost or liquid feed (organic ;)) when required. Harvest regularly when they reach 10cm long.


  • Courgettes need plenty of water, but take care always to water at the base of the plant only or they'll rot.
  • Keeping the soil permanently moist is ideal.
  • The large fleshy flowers can be eaten, but fewer courgettes will develop if you harvest too many.
  • Remember that courgettes are young marrows, so you can get two different crops on one plant if you let some develop into marrows.

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