Monday, 26 March 2012

Discussing the way ahead for Greenhouse

Greenhouse will be holding a General Meeting to discuss and plan ahead the future direction of the organisation. This will be held next Sunday 1st April at 10:00 (am) at the University of Malta in the Greenhouse office in Student House. Anyone who has an active interest in Greenhouse may attend after confirming his/her attendance by sending an email of attendance

The (draft) agenda for the meeting is the following: 
  • Presentation by on the the setting up of Greenhouse and the developments over the years (2008-2011)
  • Exchange of views on the:
    • Weaknesses of the Organisation
    • Strengths of the Organisation
  • Discussion on the:
    • Way ahead for the Organisation
    • Follow up priority actions to be reached by the agreed deadlines and the next Annual General Meeting (June 2012)
Following the meeting we will be staying around campus for drinks and something to eat. 

It is very important that you give support and attend this meeting if you wish to be fully involved and give input to the process following up to this meeting!

Greenhouse Executive Committee

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