Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Vacancy: Campaign Coordinator, fish4tomorrow

Vacancy: Campaign Coordinator – fish4tomorrow

fish4tomorrow (f4t) is a coalition of environmental and youth NGOs in Malta that aims to raise awareness on the environmental problems resulting from destructive fishing practices and achieve sustainable consumption of seafood consumed in Malta.

Although Maltese, as islanders, are fish eaters, a recent survey conducted by f4t showed that 70% of respondents did not consider sustainability when choosing what fish to eat. The survey also found that several fish species (such as tuna, swordfish, grouper etc) from unsustainable, over fished, vulnerable and/or badly managed fisheries, or those that have high levels of by catch, were popular or highly popular among the respondents. In addition to local consumers, over 1.2 million tourists visit the Maltese islands and consume seafood. There is currently no scheme in Malta that promotes sustainable sea food consumption and a survey conducted in 2010 showed that many fish species from over fished and badly managed fisheries as well as juvenile catch were among the most popular seafood sold by restaurants. The consequences of unsustainable fisheries in Malta are not limited to fish species, but also impact the communities that have traditionally relied on fishing for their livelihood.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate person to take up the role of Campaign Coordinator of the campaign. The campaign is run by a core team of representatives from each of the NGOs that form part of the coalition; Greenhouse, Nature Trust (Malta), Sharklab (Malta), Din l-Art Helwa & Getup standup.

The duties and responsibilities for Campaign Coordinator include:

· fund raising

· overseeing all campaign activities, projects and events

· dealing with all external correspondence

· coordinating research efforts

· coordinating meetings and interviews with political and social representatives

· overseeing all press releases and branding activities to ensure a clear and singular message

· to oversee all fish4tomorrow's internal and external communications to ensure that is is clear and that the campaign's values are adhered too

· managing and coordinating the team of volunteers

· ensuring that all work allocated to the volunteer team is carried out

· manage all public relations matters

· instilling a sense of teamwork, enthusiasm and motivation amongst the volunteer team and to act as a creative catalyst to the campaign

· to recruit members to the Team of Volunteers and deal with HR matters for the Campaign

The essential qualities which the campaign coordinator must possess:

· Fluent in Maltese and English

· Leadership skills

· Excellent communication skills

· Practical experience in fund raising

· Comfortable with media exposure

· Organised and systematic with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously

· Ability to work on own initiative with the ability to prioritise and organise own work

Desirable skills:

· Self-motivation

· Experience in marketing

· Experience in project management

· Interest in the issue of sustainable seafood consumption and the fisheries industry

The position is available for a minimum of 8 months or longer subject to funding.

To apply please send a C.V. to Closing date 30 March 2012.

For further information on the campaign visit our facebook page

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