Sunday, 13 May 2012

Greenhouse @ Worldfest 2012 - Water Saving Tips

Yesterday the Greenhouse team was present at the Worldfest event, organised by the Kooperativa Kummerg Gust (KKG), at Upper Barrakka Gardens. We were spreading awareness on Water Scarcity in Malta and promoting ways of reducing water consumption/saving water. 

 Stephanie & Marthese manning the stand and collecting water saving tips suggested by the passers-by. 

We got a lot of feedback from the wonderful people touring Worldfest yesterday, below are a number of their suggestions, which we stuck up on water droplets for all to see: 

·          Rinse the dishes in one sink instead of using running water
·          Use one-lever taps in order to prevent water drops from leaking out
·          After washing vegetables/fruit use the water to water your plants
·          Take a shower with a timer!
·          If possible build a well in the house and use rain water as drinking water – filter and boil it and drink it when it’s cool
·          Water is a life!
·          Repair water bowsers so they don’t waste water.
·          Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth
·          Mix colours when washing clothes
·          Have shorter hair – it takes shorter time to wash!
·          Leave a container in the sink to collect water and reuse for flushing.
·          Do not over-shower in the Summer. Was yourself a couple of times and then cool off with a wet wash cloth
·          Lobby the government to inform the public about the reality about Malta’s water issues and not just the bills.
·          Do not shower! (regularly)
·          Keep a small basin in the shower to collect water and reuse
·          Repair dripping taps
·          Eat less meat and more vegetables – meat uses more “virtual water” to produce than fruit and vegetables.
The suggestions board filling up! 
·          Put buckets outside to collect the rain!
·          No need to flush everytime!
·          Wash your vehicles (car and boat) at a car wash that doesn’t use water.
·          Drink filtered rain water
·          Use the dishwasher – but only full loads!
·          Do not use a hose pipe to wash your car – use buckets
·          Use biodegradable washing powders and use the water from the washing machine to water plants
·          Use water with awareness, be present in the moment while using the water. Drop by drop we can make it *save it*
·          Be vegetarian!
·          Wells are important – use them.
·          Buy succulents and indigenous plants that don’t need so much water
·          Ban private swimming pools in a country that lacks water.

W.H. Auden

Interesting discussions with like-minded people. 


  1. I've never been in Malta before, but I really want to go there someday. It's so nice to see that people there are so aware of their natural resources, and are so participative of events dealing with conservation and efficient utilization.You have wonderful people in your organization, and I wish you more power in your endeavours and to never get tired in thinking of helping the environment.

    Lorenza Coon @

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  3. water is very important in our lives.
    water is life . save water save life .