Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Venturing in the World of Volunteering - The Funny Farm

This is the second of a three part series of articles written by Lindsay Fenech following her experience in three different voluntary organisations. These articles serve to explain the details of her experience within The Fair Trade Shop (L-Arka), Funny Farm - Horse Rescue Association and The Island Sanctuary.

Funny Farm - The Horse Rescue Association

Funny Farm is found in Bidnija, the outskirts of Mosta. This NGO’s main objective is to give shelter to neglected and ill-treated horses. Nearly all horses have been saved from; being sold for their meat, abandoned or put down. This NGO also gives home to other animals such as dogs and cats.

The owners of Funny Farm have a lot of expenses that need to be covered. Horses are big animals; hence they need more food than other ones. The concentrates and the hay given to the horses are quite expensive. They also need to buy some dog food and cat food and they have to pay the electricity bills. Even though the government gives them a sum of money, it is never enough to cover all the payment. Any medications given to the animals and the vets’ visits continue to increase the expenses.

Apart from that, a lot of work has to be done every day. Feeding all the horses is one tiring job. Not to mention cleaning the stables and the yard! In addition to, horses have to be washed and their hooves need to be cleaned or else the animals would get hurt.

The volunteers work both in the mornings and the evenings. These people are really dedicated and capable to handle such needy animals.

There are many reasons why someone should be involved in this organization. Firstly horses are really smart and adorable animals. At first, I must admit I was a bit frightened of such big animals, but by time I managed to overcome my fear. After a couple of hours, I was feeling very brave near the horses. Also, this experience helps you become more aware about the needs of animals and the animals’ rights. Many people consider animals as inferior organisms. Organisations like these reduce abuses on animals and create more awareness. It is also a nice way to make new friends.

There are many jobs that a volunteer could do on the farm, for instance washing the horses. All help is much appreciated.

I can personally say that my experience at the farm was wonderful. I’ve learned more about horses, which are such amazing animals. Also, I felt like I was making a difference in the world. 

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