Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Venturing in the World of Volunteering - The Island Sanctuary

This is the first of a three part series of articles written by Lindsay Fenech following her experience in three different voluntary organisations. These articles serve to explain the details of her experience within The Fair Trade Shop (L-Arka), Funny Farm - Horse Rescue Association and The Island Sanctuary.

The Island Sanctuary

The Island Sanctuary is another NGO which is found in Dellimara (Marsaxlokk). The main objective of the Island Sanctuary is to cater for the needs of stray and abandoned dogs in Malta. This NGO gives home to over 150 dogs and unfortunately it is always over capacity.

Expenses must be the Sanctuary’s main obstacle. Much of the money is spent on food, treats for the dogs, medications, the vet’s visits and the electricity bills. It is really difficult to overcome all these payments. Although the government gives an amount of money to help out, the bills are never fully covered. Hence, donations made by people are vital for this NGO. People can adopt a dog but only after they fill up a form, so that the people of the Sanctuary can check on the dogs later on. This shows the dedication and responsibility of the people of the Island Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary opens both in the morning and the evening. A lot of work must be done in order to satisfy all the dogs’ needs. Apart from feeding the dogs, the volunteers must fill their bowls with water, give them their medication, take the dogs for long walks, play with these animals and clean the rooms in which the dogs stay.

Volunteering at the Island Sanctuary was a really life-changing experience. Also the volunteers were very kind and friendly. The dogs at this NGO are really cuddly and playful. Some of them are really energetic while others are calmer. I would highly recommend to anyone to spend some of their free time at the Sanctuary to help out. By doing this, one would be helping, who were neglected or abused, live a happier life, as they deserve.

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