Thursday, 13 October 2011

Plug-in the Shark reality!!

European Shark Week - Malta

Sharklab-Malta,  Nature trust (Malta) and Greenhouse are joining forces for this years European Shark Week. This will not only increase the potential for volunteers at activities, but will also allow for a greater involvement from each organisations supporters and a wider sharing of information and education.

The activity list was mailed to all Sharklab-Malta members and needs to be shared with Nature Trust (Malta) and Greenhouse members so we can maximise support at each activity

Saturday 15th October: "Awareness dive for Sharks" - This is being organised for ESW by Nature Trust and is weather dependant. I do not have any specific details of this activity yet. I think this is now being organised for Sunday 16th due to the weather... more details needed please..

Sunday 16th October:
    " Awareness Activity at Marsaslokk Market" - This is a joint activity with Nature Trust and Greenhouse. Meeting at Marsaslokk for the activity to run from 7.00 am until 12.00 am . This activity is being organised as a petition drive for ESW as well as an educational event to teach the public more about Sharks and the problems they face not only in Europe but more specifically here in Malta. The issues of overfishing, bycatch and lack of knowledge will all be addressed at this activity. This event needs the support and participation of as many members as possible. You can be there from the start or arrive later in the morning, but you need to let me know as soon as possible if you are able to attend and at what time.

Monday 17th October:   
"The Shark" - This is a multimedia presentation all about the shark, organised byAlison Stolnicu with the Parish Priest at Santa Marija Parish Church in Birkirkara. The presentation will start at around 6.45 pm and has been organised for a group of young people who attend this evening meeting as well as the general public. All members are welcome to help out at and attend this activity. Please let me know if you are able to attend this presentation.

Friday 21st October:       "The Shark"  - This is a multimedia presentation all about sharks. This is being held at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School and is only open to students attending the school. If you are available to help setting up and helping at this activity, then please let me know. The start time of this presentation is 10.00 am in the "New Library Buildiing".

Friday 21st October:        "Sharkwater" -  The film is being shown at Lecture hall 1 at the University of Malta and is open to all members and members of the public. The start time is 7.00 pm and I ask that you spread the word about the opportunity to see the film which has made a global  difference to the way many people percieve sharks. This is a joint activity with Nature Trust (Malta) and Greenhouse. There is no charge for attending this film and I would recommend if you have not seen it to make sure this date is in you diary. Open to all.. Please share the attached poster to all of your friends!!!


Saturday 22nd October:   "Awareness in the Mall" - Sharklab-Malta organised awareness activity at "The Point" Shopping centre in Sliema. This activity will run from 9.30 am until 7.30 pm (all day) and we will be all about educating the public about sharks and the marine life around Malta. Getting as many signatures on the Shark Alliance petition as possible and making a difference. If you are available to take part in this day of awareness then please let me know. You can support this activity by being around all day or if you can't make all day then just for a few hours in the morning or afternoon would be great. Nature Trust (Malta) and Greenhouse members will also be supporting this event. Please let me know your availability as soon as possible. This will be a whole day of making a difference in Malta and if we can make this BIG then we stand a chance of making real progress to protecting more species of sharks.

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