Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stop the Bloody Slaughters (Environment Fair Part 2)

By Anthony Debono & Joseph Caruana, respectively

The Fish Slaughter: End of the Line Screening & Intro to the fish4tomorrow Campaign!

As part of the Environment Fair we organised a screening of the great documentary, The End of the Line , a film by Rupert Murray and based on the book by Charles Clover. Before the screening, Anthony gave the audience a brief introduction to the fish4tomorrow campaign (a sustainable fishing campaign launched by Greenhouse and friends which has recently been mentioned and supported by Dr Alan Deidun and Karen Mugliett in the local press!). You can find much more info on the campaign both on this blog and at the fish4tomorrow's facebook page.

The Bird Slaughter: Bird Migration Talk

On Friday, for the ending of the Environment Fair, we hosted a short seminar on Bird Migration in Malta, together with Birdife Malta. The scope of this short seminar was to reach out to local interested volunteers who might wish to join BLM and local birdwatchers for the Spring Watch to monitor the number of different bird species which migrate over Malta and report any illegal activity.

As Birdlife's volunteer Justine Hall explained in her presentation these camps are critical to ensure that the Birds Directive is properly enforced in Malta. But, these camps don't only prove a special case of the public taking action over lack the lack of enforcement by the authorities, these are also Unique Opportunities for everyone who wishes to learn more on different migratory birds which fly over our islands. During the last Raptor Camp together with BLM and GH volunteers I was able through the Camp experience to watch over 80 Marsh Harriers fly over Malta on their way back to the African continent. This experience is for free and the specialised people who make this camp possible is another astonishing aspect to this experience which I encourage everyone to get involved in!

The Call is Out!

Whoever wishes to attend the Spring Camp can easily do so by contacting Birdlife Malta. On the other hand you may join Greenhouse members and friends who will also be going to assist BLM during the Spring Watch. For more information send us an email on

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