Sunday, 5 December 2010

Anthony's Trail: A Visit to Edificio Solar XXI

While I (Anthony) was in Lisbon on the Grundtvig Workshop with 5elemento, we visited an interesting "passive building" called Edificio Solar XXI. This is a building which was designed to use very little energy, virtually no external energy is used in the building. 

They did this by incoporating a variety of technology including: 
  • advanced insulation systems
  • innovative ventilation 
  • clever design of blinds and apertures to provide as much natural lighting as possible
  • solar collectors for heating water
  • photovoltaic cells, both on the wall of the building and also on the parking area (this serves as an energy source and also a shelter for cars!) 
  • earth tubes for passive cooling
  • a ventilation system which serves as heating thanks to the photovolatic cells 
  • and much more clever ideas! 

Check out the powerpoint presentation attached for an explanation on how the building was designed. This was presented to the participants of the workshop by one of the engineers that works in the building.

Ed Solarxxi 5elemento

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