Sunday, 12 December 2010

Anthony's Trail: Grundtvig Workshop Round-up

To close up these posts about the Grundtvig Workshop on Sustainable Energy I'd like to share some photos taken by Anthony during his week in Lisbon with the new friends he made from all over Europe. 

  • The Participants of the Workshop, from Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuanian and, of course, Malta. 
  • A sack race competition with a twist! 
  • Chiara (Italy) and Ivelina (Bulgaria) trying out some experiments at the Museum of Electricity. 
  • Pedro (Portugal) trying out a solar powered car, not a ferrari, but it works! 
  • Jose (Portugal) carrying out some energy experiments and debunking some energy myths. 
  • Ulderica, Stefano, Chiara and Fabrizio, the Italians during the inter-cultural evening. 
  • Raimond, Annija, Ivo and Juris (all from Latvia) during the inter-cutural night. 
For more info on 5elemento, the NGO that organised the fantastic workshop, or the workshop itself visit or contact Greenhouse (

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