Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Show some love during the month of November!

Dear Greenhouser,

We're looking for volunteers for this Saturday 20th November! No requirements needed except for unconditional love for man's best friend and food for oneself, unless you'd like to fast for the day. 

For the month of November; Greenhouse is going to Noah's Ark, where we shall spend a day at the place volunteering. If you need transport, we're meeting at 9am in front of Phoenicia Hotel, a small fee will be charged for the transport. The day includes a briefing and division of responsibilities among the attendees. One is also encouraged to donate foodstuff for adult dogs apart from your time which is indispensable! 

So, if you made up your mind and feel like giving up some time to spend with these wonderful animals let us know via email green.uom@gmail.com and don't forget to bring your cameras along! Booking is very important for those who need transport, if the number exceeds 17 people we need to arrange for another minivan. 

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