Thursday, 18 November 2010

Keeping Our Soaps Delicious

Greenhouse would like to express its full support to Charlene Mercieca following Malta Standards Authority's crackdown on her originasoap products. 

Understanding that the Council Directive 87/357/EEC which is being applied here by the Authority is intended for good purposes, specifically to protect youngsters from the possibility of attempting to eat food-imitating products, one cannot help but ask for the authorities to be more lenient in its application as stifling an enterpreneur's creativity is surely beyond the Directive's objectives. The science behind Charlene's soap-making is sound and her marketing technique is her choice to make. 

One can refer to certain other products which also go against the Directive but are still on the market, Besides, customers should have the choice of buying soap made from natural products, even those coming from food ingredients. 

Greenhouse has information that in foreign countries standards authorities issue a 'bite test' to check for the product's danger. Many of these standard authorities also allow these products to go on sale as long as they have clear warning labels. 

We would therefore like to asks MSA to find an adequate compromise and meet Ms. Mercieca half-way for a sensible solution to be identified.

Written by Malcolm Borg, on behalf of Greenhouse

Letter published on Times of Malta

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