Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rough Paper stand for Collective Use!

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A section for rough paper has been added to the University Wink stand in the last few weeks as hopefully most of our followers have gotten to know. This is meant to encourage the uptake of rough paper and the reduced waste of paper for study purposes.

We all know the large amount of notes we take which may later need to be rewritten, for this reason and much more start using the rough paper now to be available at the Wink stand at University.

So far the uptake has been very encouraging. Actually we have to inform Print Express to help us pile up more rough paper since we just run out of the first batch given. Anyways on the first try we have to say the feedback which has been flowing in our direction has all been positive. Also contributions are becoming more frequent with people leaving their excess rough in stock instead of accumulating it for themselves. Also the posters from past activities are given here also as rough paper.

Make it a collective effort people! If you got rough paper in excess add it to the present pile. ;)

Special Thanks goes to:
Print Express - Stationery on Campus
Wink Magazine - Positive News
Without their support this would not have been possible.

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