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Symbolic Protest - the full PR by the Circus Animal Rights Coalition

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition, made up of 20 animal rights organizations would like to express its deep disappointment and concern that JS Productions will be bringing over 'Circo Fantasy' in Malta to perform during the coming festive season. The coalition is highly dismayed by the fact that notwithstanding the public's opposition to the exploitation of animals in circuses, this same company persists year over year to make profit from this form of animal cruelty.

During the last years, the Coalition’s campaign has been gathering a lot of support from the public and a good number of people, including children have signed the petition against the use of animals in show business.

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition was set up to raise awareness of the fact that behind the beautiful facade of the circus lies a cruel world of untold animal suffering. Animals used in circuses are unwilling participants in a show that jeopardizes their health and psychological well-being. Circuses force animals often through painful and punitive methods to perform tricks that are contradictory to their innate instincts and behavior, which factor results in substantial injuries during performance and training. Furthermore, animals in circuses have to sustain long distance traveling to arrive to the performance destination, during which they are often kept in unsuitable and precarious conditions. The climate of the locality area may furthermore be unsuitable for their natural temperament in such a way that they sustain undue suffering. These factors continue to exacerbate the already stressful conditions caused by confinement and transportation.

Even if conditions were improved and humane methods of training were used, the fact is that keeping wild animals in captivity deprives animals of much of what they value in life. The animals have to live in an environment drastically different from their natural habitat, and their spirits are broken from harsh training and from not being able to fulfill some of their most basic needs and instincts.

In view of the above mentioned reasons, we are asking the relevant authorities to refrain from allowing this circus from performing in Malta, particularly in view of the fact that 'Circo Fantasy' in 2006 has been found guilty by the Italian authorities of not conforming with animal welfare regulations. In view of this case of animal cruelty, the Italian Authorities had issued an order asking for the seizure of the performing circus animals from 'Circo Fantasy'. More information on this case, can be accessed through the following weblink:

A well deserved word of praise goes to the Director General, Directorate for Educational Services, for issuing a nationwide circular to schools asking them not to visit animal shows such as circuses and dolphinariums during school hours. The Coalition fully supports this move in view of the fact that such shows can actually be of a disservice to children’s development and are often disguised as an “educational” activity.

We also hope that other entities such as Church Schools and Private Schools, Local Councils, Clubs, companies and all workplaces make an educated decision when considering organizing group activities supporting these cruel shows. Instead, we urge all to look into the many other possible activities which can be both environmentally and animal friendly – such as nature walks, visits to organic farms and animal sanctuaries and any of the many cultural activities available during the Christmas season.

During the next few days the Coalition will be present in Valletta in a bid to intensify its campaign towards creating awareness on the inherent cruelty of using animals for entertainment.

The Coalition will also be holding a Walk for Animal Rights and Against Animal Circuses as a symbolic protest to the presence of 'Circo Fantasy'. The Circus Animal Rights Coalition invites all those who love animals to join in this symbolic walk on 10th December starting at 6pm from City Gate Valletta and proceeding on foot towards the circus area in Blata l-Bajda.

Annalise Falzon

obo Circus Animal Rights Coalition

Tel: 7947 2950


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The aim of the Coalition is to make people aware of the various forms of cruelty involved in shows, such as animal circuses:

· the cruelty of living in captivity

· the cruelty of being subjected to constant transportation between one show and another

· the cruelty of having to undergo a lifetime of training while being subjected to unnatural and uncomfortable situations

· the cruelty of being forced to perform

· the cruelty of the stressful conditions before, during and after shows

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