Saturday, 28 November 2009

Project Launch ‘Care, Create, Change’ building on past experience.

The wasteserve project co-funded by the EU ‘EQUAL Community Initiative Programme’ was a project run from 2004-2006. Its aim was to engage with individuals from a difficult background to find to learn skills for the work place. The participants where homeless individuals, people with mental health problems or ex-offenders and where identified by the NGOs active in these respective fields. They where thought the skills and given the means to learn how to turn bulky refuse for crafts and how to refurbish furniture. The skills learnt through his 2 year programme led them to acquire skills relevant to the job market thereby giving them tools for self development.

Pictures of the work done by the participants of the EQUAL project.

On the 27th of November Wasteserve together with a renewed number of NGOs has launched the project of ‘Care Create Change’ with the aim to extend the experience gained through the EQUAL project. The programme has also been extended to involve other training courses from MCAST technology related subjects to environmental ones run by Greenhouse and Nature Trust.

Similarly to the EQUAL project the Care, Create, Change project is a co-funded project by the EU and totals the amount of €1.2million. It will seek 100 participants from socially disadvantaged positions to help then empower themselves through training programmes, which will be MCAST certified by the end of the course. This will allow them the mobility to work abroad with a recognised certificate.

Panels Displayed during Press Conference

In this project Greenhouse will be running a training course on the management of Organic waste through Composting. This will include site visits to the various composting methods found on the Maltese Islands. Anyone wishing to be part or is interested to know more on our part in the project may contact us on


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