Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Movement for peace and justice in Palestine: The formation of the group.

An insight into the formation of 'Movement for peace and Justice in Palestine' after their first event on the 21st of December. This account has been written by the founder of the Movement Ryan Dalli.

A few days ago the - Movement for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Malta - had its first activity on campus – ‘Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: On Campus ‘- it was a dream come true.

Going through my life, watching the news, reading books and articles about all the injustices and humanitarian crisis that were and still are taking place all around the globe and not just the Palestinian plight, but also the situation in Somalia, North Korea and Darfur amongst others made me recognize that if I won’t do anything to change these scenarios, no one will – not even Obama. While the American/Western Powers repeatedly in the media pay lip-service to the need for Middle-East peace they have not hesitated to stop giving arms into the area – which escalates the risk of further deaths.

Another important element that led me to establish this Movement that cherishes the values of dignity and justice for all people in the world is my aspiration to become a Professional Sociologist. Sociology has the potential to inform and assist in progressive social change. Sociologists have the potential to probe the social world in ways that other disciplines can’t. I happened to be a staunch believer in a Sociology that is concerned with alleviating or eliminating various social oppressions and with creating societies that are more just and egalitarian. The Palestinian plight falls perfectly in such a framework of hope. My ultimate aim as a prospective sociologist as well as the founder of this Movement for Peace and Justice in Palestine is to give the Palestinians a voice – a voice that will empower them and hopefully liberate them from their source of oppression.

Another issue that has been bugging me since the time I became conscious about the Palestinian issue was the thought that on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea there is a young Palestinian man or a young Palestinian women about my age who does not have the same opportunities I that I have, the freedom of movement I have and the peaceful environment I enjoy due to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel – even though it is condemned by the United Nations. They have lost most of their land, had their clean water diverted, olive fields destroyed, schools and hospitals destroyed. Almost a year has passed since the bombing of Gaza – and the humanitarian crises is still as bad as it was – nothing has changed except for the cold weather. The rubble of Gaza’s homes is becoming part of Gaza’s landscape as Israel continues to block the entry of building material.

How can a country – like ours stays silent and apathetic – when we are so close to them? How can a country like ours ignore it? I established this group on campus because I adamantly believe that we cannot allow this kind of suffering taking place just a few miles away from the Maltese Islands. I want to create a movement – with your help that informs and raises consciousness among University Students and fellow Maltese that we also have an essential part to play for Peace and Justice in the Middle East. I firmly believe in the potential of the Maltese people to help changing the crises in Palestine especially by making their voice heard in the European Union to help end the suffering.

Having said this I must emphasize that we are not in any way anti-Semitic, but on the contrary we see hope also in the Israeli People – people like Ezra Nawi, the ‘Palestinian voice for Peace’ and those youth who refuse to join the army in the illegally occupied territories of Palestine and their ability to affect Israeli policy.
The only alternative to these humanitarian crises that I see as founder of the Movement for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Malta is to an end to the illegal occupation and a smaller Israel with secure borders that protects its existence while respecting its Palestinian neighbors and their right to live in dignity, justice and hope.
"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
Martin Luther King, Jr. "
If anyone is interested to join – please find us on Face book, or send me an e-mail on: I would like to thank ‘Greenhouse’ and its members for their interest, patience and respect they have given me all the time.

Ryan Dalli
Movement for Peace and Justice in Palestine, Malta

This is the Documentary shown during the event:


  1. I would like to help you in this movement, I will be at the Moviment Graffitti as I`m the one that have the films. I have my blog which you can use or share and have loads of pictures sent to me by reporters living in Gaza.

  2. the palestines are suffering.War crimes commited by the USA ,UK and Israel are largely ignored by the western media.Global corporations are controling goverments .The individual and society is not served by democraticly elected governments but rather the people serve the state.And the state serves Global corporations who in turn serve their own private and financial interests... keep up the good work with your movement and thank you Andrew Diacono