Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Solidarity with Libel Victims


Circus Animal Rights Coalition in Solidarity with Libel Victims

The Circus Animal Rights Coalition, would like to express its full support and solidarity with Ms. Micheline Sciberras, Director General of the Education Directorate; Ms. Moira Delia, TV Presenter and Mr. Mario Galea; Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care and Mr. Alex Attard, editor of In-Nazzjon who have recently been sued for libel by J.S. Productions Ltd, acting on behalf of 'Circo Fantasy' .
These libel suits have been filed against these personalities following the latter's expression in public against the use of animals in circuses due to the cruelty involved. The Coalition fully welcomes the stance taken by these actors for promoting the rights and welfare of animals, and would like to reiterate its positions that the use of animals in circuses leads to cruel and inhumane treatment due to the forced punitive and harsh training, stressful conditions caused by transportation, unsuitable living conditions and a life in captivity.
The Coalition perceives these libel suits to be a very cheap and dirty attempt on behalf Circo Fantasy and J.S. Productions to try to frighten and threaten people from voicing their concerns against animal circuses and in favour of animal rights.

The Coalition would like to thank all those who have voiced themselves against the exploitation of animals in circuses, including all these who have signed the petition and also those who have contributed to making last Thursday's symbolic protest walk demonstration such a huge success.

Mary Grace Vella
obo Circus Animal Rights Coalition

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