Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Why No?

During the past few weeks we have witnessed the birth of both the No and Yes campaigns, against and in favour of spring hunting in Malta. Among a multitude of facebook posts, arguments and lively discussions, there is one point which is a bone of contention:

Why is saying ‘NO’ labeled as negative phrasing?

Perhaps it takes you back to childhood, when the people using the word were your teachers and parents. They said No to you when you were doing something wrong. No was the answer of un-cooperation, unwillingness, or lack of.

However growing up as a female in a male-dominated, traditionalist society, NO to me was always a tool of empowerment.
You said NO if something was not ok, if something was making you uncomfortable. No is not the easy way out. No is not for the complacent, sheepish or mindless. It is a willful decision to oppose something that should not be done, to you or to anyone.

And that is exactly how I feel saying NO to spring hunting. It is not out of hatred, arm twisting or sheer pigheadedness…. for me it is a willful decision to oppose something that is NOT OK.

It is NOT OK to shoot migrating birds on their way to breed
It is NOT OK  to bully others into accommodating your selfish wants
It is NOT OK to spread misinformation and fear
It is NOT OK to threaten and ridicule others, while playing the victim
It is NOT OK to hide the truth, because the truth is not pretty

On the 11th April, you decide what to vote. It is your right, empower yourself, now!


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