Friday, 5 April 2013

What's Green Lately..

The past month has been quite busy for us green bees!

On the 22nd we took part in Organisation’s Week, held by KSU. This was held at the UOM quadrangle where we put up a stand for the day. The stand was themed Ethical Living, giving any visitors to our stand a peek of how small changes in their lifestyle can result in more ethical consumerism and overall living. 

We had items from Cruelty-Free Malta, which are certified not tested on animals, products from L-Arka, the only fair trade shop in Malta; upcycled art from Create Hope and some delicious sweets made by your very own greenies. We were also promoting a Greenhouse Malta project, fish4tomorrow. This project is currently tackling fishing and fish consumption - promoting sustainable practices to fishermen, fish mongers and the consumer.
some of us

We also had available on the stand a list of charity and/or ethical shop addresses. These will be uploaded onto our group shortly.

The 22nd also happened to be World Water day. We have published two articles related to the topic, one on zuntier, and one on our blogpost

The next day (23rd) was Earth Hour, in which Greenhouse held an event at the cozy tal-Ingliż Tea Room in Triq il-Ganċ, Valletta. This event was meant to be a time to relax for members and the general public while allowing them to switch off their own homes. People gathered at the venue around 8pm to enjoy a lovely hour of live acoustic music which  was generously provided for free by singer Valerie Galea and guitarist Matthew Muscat Drago between 8:30 and 9:30.
The area outside l-Ingliz was adorned with candles, so that external lights could be switched off, with the cooperation of the owners who kindly allowed us to carry out the event there. Candles were also lit inside to reduce some of the inside lights. Although not everything was switched off (for example refrigerators could not be switched off for obvious reasons)  this event allowed for people to all be gathered in one place, reducing electrical usage in their personal homes.

We hope that events such as these will inspire everyone present to reconsider everyday activities and see where improvements can be made to achieve a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, which for the most part results in also saving money! Think about it.

Stay Green,
Greenhouse Malta

ps. Greenhouse Malta now has it's very own page! Like us to keep yourself updated with events and interesting material!

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