Wednesday, 5 December 2012

25 Nautical Miles

Screening of the documentary at Torri L-Ahamr (Photo: Ed Dingli)

We've got a lot of buzz going on since we finished producing the report and film documentary for our Youth in Action funded project. This project was carried out in support of the fish4tomorrow campaign - which if you are familiar with Greenhouse's work yu should have heard about already! (if not just click the fish4tomorrow label on this blog for previous blog posts).

Mingling at Torri L-Ahmar (Photo: Ed Dingli)

We've been working hard on this project since May, researching on the environmental impacts of fisheries locally, to understand what the causes to overfishing and marine ecosystem destruction are. We met up with local fishermen, divers and chefs to find out what they think about it and what changes they have seen to Maltese waters in the recent times. We also carried out quite an extensive survey on consumption patterns of seafood, in Malta. This lead to the compilation of a report on the issue which we hope will help spread awareness about a very pertinent issue which has very visible effects locally and effects the lives of many of us, whether we know it or not!

We also filmed a 9-minute documentary, interviewing fishermen, divers, chefs, authors and fisheries officials. The documentary was filmed and edited by the talented Matt Demarco and so far as been screened at the scenic Red Tower in Mellieha, last Wednesday, (kudos to Din l-Art Helwa, our partners in fish4tomorrrow,  who kindly let us use the premises) and also in the KSU common room at uni, yesterday evening.

The Greenhouse team at the uni screening (Photo: Anthony Debono)

The response to the film documentary has been largely positive so far and we're looking forward to posting it online for those of you who couldn't make it to the event to take a look at what we've been up to. Big thanks to all those involved, especially the people we met up with, who were honest, friendly and willing to give their support to this project and the fish4tomorrow campaign in general.

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Matt Demarco with Pam & Dave Mason (Sharklab Malta, f4t partners) (Photo: Anthony Debono)

The lovely Alexandra Cachia (Get up Stand up, f4t partners) during the launch at Torri l-Ahmar (Photo: Ed Dingli)

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  1. My compliments to the organisers. Future generations will thank use for preserving marine life from extinction. Rio Sammut.