Friday, 5 October 2012

Freshers Week 2012

Hey there Greenies!

So.. Freshers is now over... We want to say thank you first of all to our members who took the time to man the stand excellently and also of course to you all who came and talked to us, showed great interest, and shared your views... it is really good to meet so many people that are genuinely interested in what we do!
For those who missed it, our stand had several different topics crammed into the space available: mainly human rights, animal rights and the environment

our jam-packed stand :)
For The Humans

For our brothers and sisters, we set up an Amnesty letter-writing section for the case UA 270/12. This was quite a controversial case, and it was interesting to see your different views about it. At the end of the week we have over 35 signed letters, one of which holds the signature of a member of the EU parliament. These will be sent off next Monday in time for the 18th October deadline. If anyone is interested in letter writing, please refer to the letter-writing facebook group where we will be posting related events, and feel free to contact us for a ready-to-sign letter for this case.

We also had a section dedicated to fair trade merchandise. This was provided to us by L-Arka Fair Trade Shop, which is located in St Paul Street, Valletta.

some fair-trade items we were selling and the famous Amnesty Letterbox :)
For The Animals

For our furry, feathered and scaly friends, we were promoting the 8hour Petition, which is against inhumane lengthy animal transportation, and also distributing some contact details of sanctuaries around Malta, with particular emphasis on Noah’s Ark.
We were also distributing some informative material about shark conservation (European Shark Week) and educating fish consumers with our very own campaign for sustainable fishing and consuming, fish4tomorrow.

fish4tomorrow leaflets
For The Environment

This is where we really got cracking! First off we launched our seed-growing venture with the distribution of free seed bags... check out our previous blogs for info on how to grow your own seedlings! We also had a small re-using display, showing useful stuff we made out of everyday waste, and some hand-made items for sale. Last but not least we had our usual notebooks made out of re-used scrap paper.

seed bags

bracelets can be found on sale here

All in all a great outcome :] Don’t forget, we will soon start promoting our next event, a nature walk with Ramblers Malta – the date is yet to be confirmed but we are hoping you’ll keep the 20th free just in case ;) Later on this month we will also announce the date for our talk on Petitioning and Letter-Writing – combined with letter-writing for what promises to be a very interesting case! 

Yes we are being mysterious on purpose to keep you intrigued ;)
Follow us on our facebook group and page, and through this blog. If you have any queries do not hesitate to drop us a line via email.


Stay Green!

o.b.o. Greenhouse

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