Thursday, 1 September 2011

8hours... let's lower the time animals spend in transit!

Francesca Saliba on the 8hours campaign and petition

In 2002, animal welfare transportation was proposed to be as short as possible but it is not reflected in the EU legislation. In 2008, a report was made by Peter Stevenson for compassion in world farming. It stated the worst travel distance was 70 hours. To avoid such suffering, vehicles need to be well equipped and checked at intervals.

Farm animals are packed into overcrowded trucks with little food, water and rest. They therefore become stressed, deyhydrated and exhausted especially since they have inadequate ventilation. Many recommendations based on scientific evidence is given to Member States to achieve improved enforcements.

During long transportation, animals become vulnerable to diseases and so shed infectious agents to other animals thus spreading animal and zoonotic diseases. Animals like cattle prefer to remain standing during their journey but after 16 hours, they are fatigued and lie down. Pigs on the other hand, suffer from motion sickness. Different rest periods need to be introduced, depending on the animal.

The Vice-President of the European Parliament Intergroup on the welfare and conservation of Animals says "The EU must make tangible progress in the protection of animals and account for the fact that the attitude among the European consumers has changed: Today, people want to know what they eat, where the food comes from and how it was produced. Animal welfare will become ever more important - not only from an ethical but also from a competitive point of view for those producing animal-derived products."

Unfortunatly, many animals collapse and die while being transported and after transportation, this is why we urge to propose only an 8 hour travel experience for them. This campaign is ongoing so that 1million people can make a difference and sign to help this happen.

Please sign the Petition - make a difference!

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