Thursday, 14 July 2011

Time to Give!

NOTE: The Auction is still on via our website with all new pieces of art:

Volunteers and proud!

If you've been following us then you definitely heard about our latest pet project, Project Volunteer Auction, an art auction with a difference! The idea behind it was simple but inspiring. In order to motivate people into trying volunteering we set up an art auction at the trade fair and via our website. BUT there was a catch! Instead of bidding money, people were asked to bid volunteer hours with their choice of voluntary organisation.

Although the most important thing about volunteering is that it is voluntary (duh!) , we felt that this approach may attract people who would not have considered volunteering otherwise. Then once they tried it, they would get hooked by the beautiful spirit of volunteering. A lot of people liked the idea! In fact, 8 artists donated a total of 11 paintings and 9 high quality photo prints. The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector sponsored our materials and 18 voluntary organisations put projects forward to be bid on.
Simone explaining the concept to some stand visitors

The choice of location, the Malta Trade Fair, was a risky one. We knew that the majority of people that attend are looking for bargain deals on home appliances and the latest technology and are not exactly hunting around for a voluntary organisation to help. That only made the success of the event even sweeter!

Joseph looking serious with Minister Dolores Cristina

Throughout the event a total of 1021 hours were pledged - making this quite a success for the voluntary sector in Malta. These hours will be going to help various animal sanctuaries, environmental groups and to carry out a variety of social work.

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If you would like to get involved with one of the many groups that need volunteers just send an email to and we'll get you in touch.

Malcolm modelling one of the new Greenhouse Tees - Community, Ecology, Participation and Education.