Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Act on Animal Welfare...

Star, the dog who was saved after being shot and buried alive has caught the attention of many and raised questions on animal welfare. During the coming days there will be the following:

Affari Tagħna (Local TV program)
Date: 4th June
Time: 20.30
Location: City Gate Valletta

If you wish to attend the above programme to support the demonstration taking place on the 5th please send us an email on:


Silent Protest
Date: 5th June
Time: 17.00 - 19.00
Location: The Ferries, Sliema

We also strongly urge you to join us and others in our joint call against animal cruelty and for higher penalties on those abusethat abuse of animals.

Additional details: One may bring their dog with him / her as long as you bring along a bowl, water and plastic bag for the dog's needs! :) And if you feel creative enough, you may bring along your own posters / banners. :)
Two other Actions!

Istrina in favour of Abandoned Animals

As the title clearly states, this group is created so that IF possible, in next December's Istrina, money would be also collected for all poor abused and abandoned animals. And I know there are many animal lovers out there who would love to contribute towards this aim. Please if you still share my same way of thinking, join and support me with likes and posts. It would be beneficial if you could forward this msg with your friends, post it on to your walls if you wish to and invite more people to join in. This is a group where anyone sharing our beliefs is welcome. Let's make this possible, with your help!

Romanian Petitions against stray dog Euthanasia

Dogs living on the streets is a huge problem in Romania, there are an estimated 100, 000 dogs living on the street in Bucharest alone. During this month, the Romanian parliament is expected to decide the fate of thousands of stray dogs in the Balkan nation. Currently, Romanian law dictates that only dogs with health or behavioral problems may be euthanized. But the legislation could open the door for the legal mass killing of all of Romania's dogs with local authorities being in charge. World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) are stressing that not only is the euthanasia of all stray dogs an inhumane method of stray population control, it is ineffective as well. Also enphasising on the fact that such a control will cost about 4.8 million euros which will not be long term effective anyway. Other Coalitions are urging the solution with neutering on a larger scale. The Romanian Parliament could not vote the mass euthanasia today because some members of parliament were absent and their presence was fundamental to have a valid outcome, so we have till Monday to make a Difference!

Taking action by:

1. Signing the petition from the link below and spread the word,

2. Sending emails to Maltese European members of parliament urging them to discuss this and perhaps persuade Romanians members of parliament that this is not the right control method as it is inhumane and ineffective;

3. Sending emails to the Romanian members of Parliament especially those that are abstaining or who have not voted yet. Contacts are in this link
(Facts from the dogs trust and how this legislation will not be the solution when implementing this legislation are found in this website; )

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