Friday, 18 March 2011

Animals: The Abandoned & Abused (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a four-part article penned by Greenhouse Executive Francesca Saliba on the issue of Animal Rights.
Another aspect of the maltreatment of domestic animals, is when they are thrown out onto the streets, having to live day by day in sadness and betrayal because of some type of their owners, who usually have some sorry excuse for their terrible act of neglect. Everyone should think about the long term when they are adopting an animal.

One of the most common excuses for people abandoning animals is when a newly formed family is expecting a child. The problem is that, although some people buy their houses with 2/3 bedrooms (sometimes even five years before they are married, because they know how many children they want to have), they fail to anticipate what will happen to their pet! Another typical excuse is that when their pets are sick, instead of taking care of them when they mostly need it, they throw them out because sometimes they think that it’s something that could be easily spread to humans, which is rarely the case. Another classic excuse is when their pets are pregnant, instead of neutering them if they didn’t want any young ones, they throw them out.

Nowadays with all the neutering campaigns, like Dogstrust one can no longer bring about the excuse that it is too expensive to neuter and microchip your pet, because they do it all for free. This helps the people trace back their pet or rightful owner and even decrease in diseases. Do people choose just the easy way out in life? What does that tell you about a person, culture, society? Maybe, very few people think ahead and lack knowledge. Awareness is a definite need in our country. Pets thrown in the streets become strays, if they are lucky, they are left in the responsibility of others to take action and try to help them in the best way possible. To make it easier for the people who are willing to help such innocent creatures, the animal ambulance is now available 24/7 by calling 2122 4001. It was made possible thanks to Noah’s ark which was being taking care of By the Animal Welfare Department later on.
Members of Greenhouse carrying out voluntary work at a local shelter

Moreover, without awareness that animals should be treated well, we are imposing on a revolution of bad situations. In particular cases, children are sometimes seen throwing rocks at cats and trying to harm them, just because their anger is unleashed on innocent creatures which could result in a horrible factor for the cat and for the future child. Enforcement of the law should be made so that these cases will stop. Justice is important when involving mistreatment. It’s also the case since many people hate the idea of too many cats close to their homes in streets since they are considered as filthy creatures. The responsibility comes from the person taking care of this colony of cats, to not leave any wastes behind, and always cleaning after feeding. The cats are not the one to blame if such a situation is not the case scenario.

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