Monday, 23 August 2010

Fire breaks out in Bahrija Valley

While spending a weekend Camping with Peppi Gauci a friend of ours, Greenhouse members witnessed the aftermath of a fire which broke out in the Bahrija Valley on the 21st of August. Peppi was the one who reported the incident and over viewed the whole operation to turn the fire off. Together the following day saw that the minor fires which were starting off again were properly taken care of by the fire fighters.

MEPA's emergency service number is 20699595.

Photo of the fires

These pictures have been given by Peppi Gauci Permaculturalist of the Barhija Oasis and Administrator of the Permaculture Research Foundation. He has witnessed the fires and more information can be attained from

View Bahrija Valley on Fire in a larger map

Pictures of the Aftermath

Comment posted by Peppi Gauci (person who reported the incident) on our Facebook Note in relation to this incident:
"This incident shows a great crack in our environmental and ecological conservation legal system. Unfortunately, this incident took a relatively big chunk of flora...and fauna in of the areas marked as a special area of conservation in Malta
Its about time that the Maltese law enforces an open 'Fire Ban' during times of drought and dryness as these are times of high risk of wild fires spreading to colossal scale.
We in Malta, not only have small pockets of nature, but these small pockets take a long time to develop into maturity due to our dry climate, whereas when influenced by the human hand in order to flourish ( ie: best described scenario by using permaculture methods) it takes a great deal of dedication, time, resources and energy.
Our leaders need to be aware of such scenarios and made to understand these implications in order to regulate certain damaging activities that could have had much more severe implications. Referring back to this incident, if the wind which picked up yesterday, had to pick up the night before, probably all of Bahrija, Fomm ir rih, Santi and Mgarr valleys would have been burned to cinders.
I hope that this call falls on the right ears. Thankyou"

All articles relating to these fires will be posted on this blog.
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