Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Clean up and Flourish!!

Greenhousers its time for a Summer rally!

Our next event seeing the closure of this Academic year is a Clean up and Chillax party at Buskett.

The area we have chosen is a follow-up to the efforts of our friends from 'That's Rubbish' who had tried to clear out the area. Yet, larger efforts need to be taken to clear up this place.

But our action we hope won't stop here. In fact we are hoping to gather as much information as possible to understand WHY certain parts of Buskett are not subjected to the same degree of care and waste facilities as other more accessible parts. We have already discovered the whole Buskett is divided up between 4 governing entities and we hope to get more information on the asymmetrical protection policy at Buskett.

We don't want to be misunderstood. There is certainly reason for the current state of affairs at Buskett. But, when one sees uncollected waste from Pre-EU Accession (Such as a range of old glass bottles) one wonders. Who is really responsible for this? Just the culture of the few who disregards the natural environment?

Well. All these are questions we are trying to answer ourselves. Certainly if you will be joining us... let us say that 'Buskett may get a chance to really Flourish once more'

Looking forward to seeing you there and Remember to book on:
We need to know how many are interested to join us!

Greenhouse Team

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