Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Chronicles of Simi - O Boje! He’s at it again

Here we hope to start the Chronicles of Simi. An adventurous personally from the Greenhouse team whose perseverance in tackling some of the most daring issues we face in our daily life Inspires us all (the regular Greenhouser). Her adventure takes place in Bulgaria where she is engaged daily in research and experiments for her Masters! She is also the Author of our Propolis blog and Co-editor of the Magazine Wink (World Inclusiveness).

O Boje! He’s at it again

My toilet is strange creature, one minute he’s behaving himself, the next his flushing leaking (into the toilet basin) and keeps on going and going and going ... you get the idea :P I’ve hardly ever even seen the inside of a flushing (hehe well I have thanks to Greenhouse’s bottle/flushing project ;)). Anyways, the first time I just lifted the lid of the flushing and put it back on a bit forcibly thinking that it would work some miracles, and hey! It did! The flushing behaved instantly!

I thought that was the end of it, but little did I know that that bastard of a flushing had other things in mind!

The next day, just before leaving to catch the bus (auftobus) he was at it again!! O BOJE! (which means OMG)

I went into the bathroom, confident that I had the solution in hand. Open lid. Put it back again a bit forcibly and voila! Or maybe not! Grrr! Well I was just in time to catch the auftobus and I was not going to miss it, so I just gave him an ugly look and left.

I come back, having forgotten about the bloody toilet and as soon as I open the front door *sound of water trickling and some hissing*! AAAAAAA! I just went in, closed the bathroom door (to lessen the noise) and went to cook hoping that the flushing would tire of this game and stop. Hehe I wish!

Went to sleep. Woke up. Flushing still going at it!

Now I was determined to do something about it! Haqqa a porcelain inanimate object will not win! I got some disposable gloves out (dawk tal-lab- thanks ma :D). Removed all the early morning hair fuzz from my eyes and was ready to enter the battle ground.

Hehe, I opened the toilet lid and started pocking round the bits and pieces ;) I was going to sketch a drawing of the internal workings of the flushing, but I don’t think you would be too excited to see that ;) I was lucky enough that the first think I lifted ended the noise/trickling of water! WOW! Simone you’re good e ;)

I put the lid on, thinking this was really and truly the end of it, pushed the flushing button and ... nothing! Haha! The irony! First he keeps on trickling water all throughout the day and night, now he is as dry as a desert! Bastard.

I put on the gloves again, open the lid, and this time I spend a little time trying the understand how the mechanism works! Prodding and lifting everything and seeing what their effect is. Basically now I can confidently say I am well trained in fixing flushing problems ;) The problem was that the mechanism which should automatically stop the flushing from leaking any water in the toilet basin (which is automatic) seems to block up sometimes. I released it and for now it seems to be fine.

So it seems that Mr.Toilet is behaving ... for now J

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