Monday, 3 May 2010

Campus Eco-personality of the Year

Michelle Mahoney and the Print Xpress Team

Print Xpress is a stationery located at the Students’ House on campus and, like all other stationeries, it photocopies thousands of lecture notes and books.
One of the employees there is Michelle Mahoney and she has proved her green credentials time and time again.

Firstly, she made sure that the heaps of paper that they use are derived from the sustainable forestry scheme. Basically this is a scheme which ensures that the paper being used comes from trees which are managed in such a way that no net deforestation or ecosystem adverse impacts ensue. This is a very important step for any firm which uses large amounts of paper for their day to day activities. Deforestation for paper production and furniture (not to mention the toilet paper industry) is stripping the Earth of one of its main oxygen producers and toxin neutralizers.
Look out for this logo when buying paper to ensure your paper comes from a sustainable forestry source:
Starting from the ‘Environmental Fair’ which was organized by KSU last March, Michelle, together with her team, printed a paper which was stuck to their main desk encouraging students to print their notes double-sided. Double-sided printing saves half the resources which would otherwise be used since it uses half the amount of paper. The response from the students was good and many a student, upon seeing this sign, asked to have their notes printed double-sided.

Lastly, Michelle has been instrumental in helping Greenhouse start the rough paper initiative at the Students’ House. Being a stationery and thus producing a considerable amount of paper waste, Greenhouse teamed up with Print Xpress to initiate a scheme in which the one-sided paper waste produced from the stationery would be placed at the disposal of the students for them to take and use as rough paper.

The Greenhouse team would like to commend and congratulate Michelle and the Print Xpress Team for their environmental credentials and in doing their part for a better environment. It is through these small steps that we can together make a significant change. Hopefully more firms will take their example and initiate their green projects. Do not hesitate to contact Greenhouse for more information and help on your potential green projects.

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  1. Prosit Mich and Aaron & co. Seems such a good idea that should be copied by everyone. I still have Mandy's and Chris's old copybooks which I am now using to teach Mandy's kids how to write.Good luck for future projects.