Monday, 19 April 2010

Status: Refugee

Greenhouse are back with another event on campus. This time working together with SHS we are organising a 3 day programme in which we shall be raising awareness and insight on irregular migration. The programme is divided daily to give time for reflection on the day event.

Programme of Events

On Wednesday a film screening aims at showing the journey of what an asylum seeker faces in becoming a refugee and starting a new life.

Wednesday 21st April, 2.30pm Common Room
Film screening by Greenhouse: God grew tired of us


On Thursday a debate is set to build up on the topic as an insight into the journey is given by people directly involved with irregular migrants from diverse geographical regions.

Thursday 22nd April, 12.00pm Quadrangle:
Debate by Greenhouse: Exodus from Africa.
Panel: JRS representative, Andrew Galea Debono from UNHCR, Nathalie Zerafa and Sarah Attard from the Refugee Commissioner's office.
Moderator: George Bugeja


On Friday a debate will be focused on what facilities for integration are present in Malta for refugee status migrants.

Friday 23rd April, 10.00am Quadrangle:
Debate by SHS: Migration today and tomorrow.
Panel: Kristina Zammit from JRS, Goitom Yosief from Eritrea, Hasan Muhummad Seleban from Somalia.

Greenhouse and SHS would like to invite you all to share your views and give contributions to all events.

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