Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Waste Skips off campus

Many individuals involved in the bureaucratic processes of various administrations express their dissent in the procedural manner in which services are developed within the institution. This leading to the impression that the private sector is a more effective service provider than the public sector, which is something no one can deny. But there is limited scope in the actions of the private sector. This has been the case with the Waste Separation facilities provided for, recently outside University.

As part of a Greenhouse, GreenMT & precincts initiative waste management has been introduced off campus with limited scope and is in the process to be introduced by the Precincts department On campus. Given the fact that Precincts is responsible for On campus services Greenhouse has looked into the provision of Waste Separation services Off campus. In the commercial/residential area present around the old entrance of our University.

These are 3 locked skips which up until now ought to service the commercial sector in the area and which provided waste separation of Paper and Cardboard. The service is provided by GreenMT and the place has been provided by the Local Council of Msida. The keys to the Skips have been provided to a limited number of commercial entities but these can be shared and request to other individuals.

The entities presently in possession of these keys are: MATSEC Support Unit, Copyclub, Papier, Engineering Stationery, Micro Copy, Paper Clips, Mireva Bookshop & Greenhouse

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