Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Greenhouse on the Times of Malta

The Greenhouse committee.

Name: Greenhouse.

Year established: 2008.

Vision and mission: Green­house’s vision is to have a permanent environmental stu­dent organisation on campus that can monitor life on campus and pinpoint any areas that can be improved sustainably so as to have a smaller impact on the environment.

Through Greenhouse, environ­mental NGOs can have a greater say on campus and University students can be more active in these NGOs to enrich their campus experience.

Greenhouse has embarked on a mission to concretely propose a number of initiatives and to work together with various NGOs, student organisations and governmental authorities to change the business-as-usual attitude so rampant on campus. Greenhouse also seeks to raise awareness on issues such as animal awareness and human rights.

Greatest achievment: The initia­tion of a composting scheme on campus so that organic waste, especially from the prunings of trees and shrubs, is composted. So far, a shredder has been hired to deal with prunings, with the final compost being taken away. Greenhouse is looking into the possibility of eliminating the need for this shredder and during this coming year, this project will hopefully come to full fruition.

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