Thursday, 22 October 2009

Battery Buster Bins - No more excuses

With all our mp3s, iPods and all sorts of gadgets, we are becoming more and more dependent on batteries- these small energy reservoirs which can provide you with the energy needed to listen to your favorite song on your bus ride back home.

But what are batteries really made of? Batteries are a cocktail of chemicals, and the chemicals therein are not exactly the most safe and green of chemicals. If left in the environment, especially exposed to rain and sun, these chemicals leach out from the batteries and can percolate underground to our water supplies. Therefore we can be drinking traces of what once powered our music entertainment.

So batteries ending up in landfills can be very damaging not only to the environment but to our own health. These chemicals can also end up in our seas risking our health during swimming. Soil can also be affected especially if we just throw our batteries into an open space or worse arable fields. These chemicals can then find themselves into crops which we then ingest.

These chemicals can affect the central nervous system especially of young children, causing seizures, learning disabilities and mental defects.

For the sake of everything and everyone dispose of your batteries in a battery bin so that they can be processed by specialized companies and thus avoid these chemicals finding their way into the environment and eventually our bodies. These bins are being placed in a number of locations around Malta and a new battery bin has been placed at the University. You can find the wooden bin just outside the cafeteria. We urge you to make good use of it!

This bins can be found by the entrance of Canteen and in Agenda bookshop.

Provided by Wasteserve.

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