Thursday, 10 September 2009

Vote watch ala Maltija - First Post

These last few weeks the European Parliament restarted its work with meetings held between the 7 Political Parties of the European Parliament. With respect to these Malta is represented by 2 MEPs in the largest political grouping of the European’s Peoples Party (EPP) and 3 MEPs in the second largest group of ‘The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats’ (S&D).

Following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, hopefully, later this year Malta will have another MEP under the S&D. This ratification will depend on Ireland’s referendum on the treaty, Germany’s ratification following amendments in their law which would allow for their ratification and Poland’s and Czech’s ratification by their heads of state Lech Kaczyński and Václav Klaus, respectively.

Needless to say, the structure and the future functioning of the EP has been decidedly weakened by a low turnout across Europe and the creation of yet another Eurosceptic grouping under the European Conservatives and Reformist, thus making the coming weeks essential for the future functioning of the EP where a possible coalition will be sought to ensure the smooth running of Parliament for the coming 5 year mandate.

The Short Term Decisions

The first challenge which the parliament will have to face is the election of a President of the Commission. This is currently headed by Jose Manuel Barosso who is seeking reelection by the EP after September. There is so far ample speculation on the possibility of another candidate though it has been cleared out that after the Summer Recess Barosso will try to reach the demands of both S&D and ALDE for his reelection. If this succeeds one would envisage the possibility of a coalition in the coming term, though differences still stand are the EGP is running on a campaign to ‘Stop Barosso’. Their campaign has already managed to postpone his reappointment in July following the elections as the S&D and ALDE laid out their demands for his reelection. Nevertheless their opposition still stands even if the compromise is met by Barosso in what is being dubbed as ‘Summer Homework’ next week. They challenge the legitimacy of electing a president to a Commission under the process laid out by the Maastricht Treaty, when his 5 year term will more likely be run under the Lisbon Treaty. Therefore they claim that elections for his post should take place after Ireland’s referendum and the ratification of the document by the remaining states.

Later decisions

The relevance of who will be the head of the European Commission will have impact on the Copenhagen 09. This meeting of heads of state, NGOs, Major businesses and Academics people will see the creation of a Post-Kyoto Agreement which will have the hopeful ratification of all Developed and LDC countries. The targets will be set, the system for emissions trading and the various other dimensions of mitigation and adaptation will be decided upon. The final decision will depend on the elected leaders who will be enacting and ratifying laws which will seek the implementation of this worldwide mechanism to divert us away from man-made climate change whilst seeking to keep the negative effects on communities and their development as minimal as possible.

Where were the debates on these subjects during the European election campaign? And where do our MEPs stand on these decisions which will have to be taken?

Now the environment is calmer and the opinions can be better formulated, as the Political Parties in Europe are deciding on who to listen to and what direction to give for the coming months and years.

Now we start following up to our elected MEPs to learn about them, follow up to their votes and become aware of the different opinions circulating in the EP! We can start out Watch vote ala Maltija!

Votes and Decisions taken by our MEPs on the issues which are relevant to Greenhouse and its members will be published and requested explanation by our MEPs.

Votes will be Followed on: VoteWatch & EP Site

If you wish to have clarification on any votes taken, ask us on our facebook profile, email address or blogspot.

Greenhouse Team.

Presently the following replied to the vote watch campaign:

Louis Grech & Edward Scicluna.

The remianing 3 have not yet contacted us in 2 weeks.

Simon Busuttil, John Attard Montaldo and David Casa

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