Thursday, 20 August 2009

Life experience extends beyond Campus

Raptor Camp 2009 will soon be in full swing and needs the general public to be more aware of the activities that shall be organised. For those of you who do not yet know what Raptor is, it is an observation camp organised by Birdlife Malta in order to stop illegal hunting, poaching and trapping of wildlife on our islands.

As most of us are aware, in 2004 Malta joined a directive which made spring hunting and the hunting of certain species of birds illegal due to their threat of extinction or high degree of vulnerability. The problem is that the police force does not have the resources to ensure that this directive is adhered to and illegal activities are taking place nonetheless as poachers know of this weakness and abuse of it. Raptor 2008 proved that there is desperate need for active enforcement of this directive.

Public awareness is imperative to the success of Raptor Camp and for this reason Birdlife has contacted Green House in order to channel their work placement opportunity in Video production during this year’s Raptor Camp. This work placement is ideal for students who wish to pursue professional video production, such as communications students for example. Therefore, we would like to invite anyone interested to contact us on in order to obtain more information and apply for this work placement. Additionally, this placement will be organised from the 12th of September through to the beginning of October, therefore it does not clash with any university lectures or studies. Start off the next academic year with a leap and join the Raptor Camp, as life experience extends beyond Campus.

Greenhouse Team.



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