Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Blog!

Following complications with the previously blog and changes in the members of the organisation a new blog spot and email address have been created as follows:

Email address:

Google Blogspot:

As a reintro to the organisation this was set up in the beginning of the 2008-09 year at the Univeristy of Malta and as laid out in its statute (available on request). The oganisation covers a number of enviornmental, social and economic goals. Though given the absence of a student organisation focusing directly on matters regarding the enviornment we are mostly active within that sector. Nevertheless we retain our willingness to cooperate on other sectors.

Our activities tend to differ from the usual student organisation as we seek more hands on projects whereby we try to create links of collaboration between different entities and strike a balance between various groups to achieve our goals. This is the case with the ongoing project of introducing a self-sustainable system of composting on campus where at least 500kg of monthly trimming are produced on campus between the months of October-June. This would hopefully one day serve as the composte needed by the precincts office, Nature Trust, Univeristy students and so on.

On the other hand, on our first year we tried attracting ENGOs on campus to explain the importance of their activites and expand their presentations on the opportunities students have if they join such organisations. This was done with the birdlife talk where the material present though very insightful was not well attended as not too many students were attracted by the event. (It was mainly an issue of marketing unfortunately)

On a further note, Greenhouse moves on!

With a greater understanding of the way in which on campus activities are organised and with a renewed contact by a number of entities we look forward to the upcoming year where our main objective will consist of concluding past projects and approaching new students to join our joint-venture.

Joseph Caruana

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